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Dr. David W. Towers
Dr. Towers graduated from UAB School of Dentistry in 2000. He has been practicing dentistry in Roanoke AL since that time. He and his wife Patti have three children and are involved in their church, school, and athletic activities. He is a member of the Alabama Dental Association, the Alabama Academy of General Dentistry, and the UAB Dental Alumni Association. Continuing education is a top priority for Dr. Towers and he is continually seeking to use new technology and techniques to provide better and more time and cost-effective treatment for his patients.

Meet Our Team:


Front Desk Team Members:

Patti Towers is our insurance coordinator. She routinely answers patient questions about their insurance policies and helps them maximize their benefits.

Riley Sheppard is our financial and scheduling coordinator. She specializes in helping patients fit the dental care they want and need into their schedule and budget.

Clinical Team Members:

Robin Jordan and Ginger Kelley are Registered Dental Hygenists. They specialize in saving teeth from buildup of toxic bacteria that can lead to rotten teeth, gum disease, tooth loss, and many other medical problems that can be caused or made worse by bacteria from the mouth entering the bloodstream. They help Dr. Towers examine our family of patients every six months to help minimize their incidence of inconvenient dental emergencies and catch small problems before they become big ones.

Mandy Elder and Kaley Cook are Dental Assistants. They do many important jobs such as disinfecting the treatment rooms and sterilizing instruments between patients. They help Dr. Towers relieve patient pain and anxiety and help him provide beautiful, healthy smiles to our patients in a caring, convenient, time and cost-effective manner.

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